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Beauty Korner

Beauty is only skin-deep, they say. But no matter how skin-deep beauty seems to be, everybody wants a piece of it. Everybody wants to be beautiful. Korean women don’t beg to differ. In fact, the fascinating Korea is one of the first countries to find the means to go after what it’s like to be beautiful. Koreans were known for making their own skin care products. Creams, lotions, scrubs, and oils – these were each concocted with the use of ground beans or plant juice. And this resourcefulness has clearly defined the culture of this country and made it richer. Hence, also establishing the place of Koreans in the beauty scene. In more recent times, the modern Korean culture has been seen sweeping nations due to its rising popularity. From Korean dramas to Korean pop music to Korean fashion and Korean skin care; it’s quite evident that Korea is unstoppable. And the Philippines is one of the countries caught under the spell of this unbelievable country, especially when it comes to skin care and makeup. So what makes Korean skin care a Filipina charmer? Simple: It’s flawless. Korean women have always been pictured as having the perfect skin – a complexion that is fair with the glow and virtually non-existent pores. Since the Philippines is a humid country, Filipinas are unfortunately imparted with the problems of having either an oily skin, enlarged pores, or pimple breakouts, or sometimes even all of these. This is what makes the skin of Koreans ideal to them. And using Korean makeup and religiously following their skin care regimen seemed like the finest solution to the woes of every Filipina. This is where we come in. Beauty Korner wants to make every Filipina feel their own beauty through quality Korean skin care products and makeup. Gone will be the days of skin lacking the glow or long nights wondering how to make your face noticeable from across the room. Beauty Korner will be your new best friend.

About Beauty Korner

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